Guide to developing mobile apps – Testing

This is the 2nd in a series of posts that are intended to remind us all about some of the important do’s and don’ts of mobile app development.  Be sure to check out the first post on allowing for rapid development.


We have all heard the advice “test early and often”, but I believe that advice should be amended to say “test early and often on every device and operating system that you plan to support”.

I blame Google for this one.  Chrome’s developer tools are just so great that it is easy to just develop a web app right in the browser on your laptop and never even pull out a single mobile device.  Heck, they have a drop down menu to select pretty much every mobile device that you care to develop for right there in the browser.  You can perfect every single pixel and animation for your app in in the dev tools, but the moment you install the app on a phone for the first time, nothing will work.  Well, at least not everything will work.  Google has provided a great tool to get us most of the way there, but the slight variations of actually being on a real device are way too important to put off until the end of the project. I could give you a list of hundreds of examples from Jumble-tron 2, but just take my word for it.  Test on real devices early and often.

Stay tuned for another guide to developing mobile apps post on optimization and be sure read my tips for allowing for rapid development.

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