Upcoming features for Jumble-tron 2 – Electric Boogaloo

Within the next few weeks, a new version of Jumble-tron 2 – Electric Boogaloo will be released.  There will be several updates and changes based on user feedback.

  1. The game is a little too hard at the very beginning.
    • The puzzles throughout the game were randomly chosen, but not anymore.  Now, at the beginning of the game, the first several puzzles will be smaller with much more common words.  This will allow the new users to get in a groove before Jumble-tron throws words like “auteur” or “zeugma” at them.
  2. Completing a goal is a little lackluster.
    • Just getting a checkmark beside a goal once it is completed is a little lame.  Now, a checkmark rises out of the ashes, propels itself towards your face with so much force that it shakes the screen and then gets slammed beside the goal with a small explosion of confetti.  I don’t think users will be missing the satisfaction of completing a goal anymore.
  3. The game is very difficult in general.
    • With almost 14,000 words in Jumble-tron’s vocabulary, the game is inevitably going to be challenging.  This is why we have power ups to get through the really tough puzzles.  But, to use those power ups you need lots of  ⚡️.  There are now more ways than ever to get ⚡️.  There are escalating daily rewards just for playing the game.  For every day in a row that you play, you will get a bonus.  There are also several new easter eggs throughout the game that will award you ⚡️.  I won’t reveal them all right now, but if you look through some recent tweets from @9leftlabs, you will see at least one of them in a video.
  4. The game is absolutely incredible and I want to tell everyone, but its a pain to leave the game, open the app store, search for Jumble-tron, open the game’s page and then leave a review.
    • You are absolutely right, this is a pain. So, there will now be a place to tap that will launch the app store for you so that you can write the glowing review that you have been dreaming about writing.

These changes, and also some general performance improvements, will all be available very soon.  We are always open to feedback, whether it be good or bad, so don’t hesitate to let us know what is on your mind.

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